Presented here exactly how it happened. With all the spelling and punctuation errors

ToPiC 00: i like lead paint too

ToPiC 00: asl

ToPiC 00: ?

ILikeLeadPaint: Yes, I have all of those

ToPiC 00: what is it

ToPiC 00: your funny

ToPiC 00: i like you profile

ILikeLeadPaint: well, you ain't seen nothing yet

ILikeLeadPaint: you should see my mommy

ILikeLeadPaint: she's funny too

ILikeLeadPaint: like a hernia, or getting dragged behind a truck for a mile

ToPiC 00: how old are you

ILikeLeadPaint: I dont know.

ILikeLeadPaint: HOw old are you?

ToPiC 00: i asked firstk

ILikeLeadPaint: damn

ILikeLeadPaint: in between 21 and 24

ToPiC 00: im 102

ToPiC 00: i have very brittle hands

ILikeLeadPaint: Oooo... I like 'em brittle

ILikeLeadPaint: do you have a nice hunch back? And a good... "Keep off my lawn" voice?

ToPiC 00: our givin me a hard attach

ILikeLeadPaint: I have a hard time attaching things too

ILikeLeadPaint: Like last weekend... I tried to superglue my head to a big steel girder... But I forgot to attach my head to the helmet first, and fell 50 feet to the ground

ToPiC 00: what else

ToPiC 00: lol

ILikeLeadPaint: you said Hi to me in your info thing

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm touched

ToPiC 00: i did

ILikeLeadPaint: In a way other then I do to my Uncle

ToPiC 00: yeah i jumped off the highest building my tongue saved me when i got the 35th floor my tongue stuck to the window

ILikeLeadPaint: must've been cold, and you got the metal frame right?

ToPiC 00: howd you know

ILikeLeadPaint: That was MY window.

ToPiC 00: the peole inside were suprised to see me

ILikeLeadPaint: I miss having you dangling there... Screaming for Helth

ILikeLeadPaint: I didn't know what you were talking about... Knife vun vun... Still don't know what you meant by that

ToPiC 00: its a main probverb from my home country in .......

ToPiC 00: cocatoo land

ToPiC 00: hello

ToPiC 00: ?

ILikeLeadPaint: Isn't that something a dsylexic siamese twin brothers have?

ILikeLeadPaint: cockatoos?

ToPiC 00: huh?

ILikeLeadPaint: cockatwos?


ToPiC 00: thats my word

ToPiC 00: no its fooooooom

ILikeLeadPaint: NO!

ToPiC 00: to close

ILikeLeadPaint: I'ts Maynoaise

ILikeLeadPaint: NO!

ILikeLeadPaint: It's the bird

ILikeLeadPaint: the birds the word

ToPiC 00: huh

ILikeLeadPaint: word word word... bird is the word

ILikeLeadPaint: bird bird bird, word is the bird

ToPiC 00: your confusing my brain

ToPiC 00: thats not funny

ILikeLeadPaint: No I'm not, I'm entering your nostrils, and playing the drums on your uvula

ToPiC 00: huh

ILikeLeadPaint: Y'know what's not funny?

ILikeLeadPaint: getting a paper cut

ILikeLeadPaint: y'know what is?

ToPiC 00: your confusing me again

ILikeLeadPaint: when the elderly fall down

ILikeLeadPaint: ooo man.. that's always funny

ILikeLeadPaint: esp. when you're helping them walk across the street

ILikeLeadPaint: and you run away when they fall

ToPiC 00: you should have seen me last week when i fell of the empire state building

ILikeLeadPaint: yeah, and I bet you died

ToPiC 00: the students at the ymca drove all the way to see me cry

ILikeLeadPaint: and they had a funeral

ToPiC 00: thats not funny

IILikeLeadPaint: and everyone was there.

ILikeLeadPaint: and You jumped up in the middle of it and yelled "SUPRISE!

ILikeLeadPaint: And gave your grandma a heart attack

ILikeLeadPaint: and she died

ILikeLeadPaint: and they had a funeral

ILikeLeadPaint: and in the middle of it

ILikeLeadPaint: she jumped up and said!

ILikeLeadPaint: "No, really, I'm dead... and you, you're a bastard for scaring me to deat"

ILikeLeadPaint: death"

ToPiC 00: my grandmas dead

ToPiC 00: u like making fun of me

ILikeLeadPaint: man, didn't that suck when all that happened then?

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm not making fun of you.

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm making fun of the irish.

ILikeLeadPaint: Are you Irish?

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm polish

ToPiC 00: dude

ILikeLeadPaint: ...I'm built like a rail

ToPiC 00: im the daughter of cleopatra

ILikeLeadPaint: so I'm horizontal polish

ToPiC 00: huh

ILikeLeadPaint: kind of a small part of poland, after the fall of communism

ToPiC 00: thats where my dads from

ToPiC 00: you c my mom cleopatra like the polish

ILikeLeadPaint: WOW!

ToPiC 00: have you met her before

ILikeLeadPaint: I met your mom

ToPiC 00: huh

ILikeLeadPaint: she makes good meatballs

ToPiC 00: you dud

ILikeLeadPaint: dud with a capital "W" thank you

ToPiC 00: huh

ToPiC 00: your wierd

ToPiC 00: hehe

ILikeLeadPaint: Weird like a fox

ILikeLeadPaint: or your old senile dog, that urinates while it walks

ILikeLeadPaint: leaving racing stripes on your shag carpeting

ToPiC 00: my dog wa as fast as a ox

ILikeLeadPaint: my dog's a gold fish

ToPiC 00: and as fat

ILikeLeadPaint: I named him kitty

ILikeLeadPaint: he's dead now

ILikeLeadPaint: I taught him how to use the toliet

ILikeLeadPaint: and he fell in and drown

ToPiC 00: do you have any FUNNY stories

ILikeLeadPaint: I don't know

ILikeLeadPaint: let me check

ILikeLeadPaint: Well, yes... I suppose I do

ToPiC 00: then say one

ILikeLeadPaint: one

ToPiC 00: all

ILikeLeadPaint: you keep your Jedi mind tricks to them sith lords ben wa kentucky

ToPiC 00: huh

ToPiC 00: that doesnt make scence

ILikeLeadPaint: You just got to read between the lines, forget what you've been told, and then remember to floss daily... twice daily


ToPiC 00: nope

ToPiC 00: im jimmy

ToPiC 00: ??

ToPiC 00: ??

ILikeLeadPaint: Well, I'm afraid then, you're just not ever going to to be the president of your own fan club.

ILikeLeadPaint: Apply again next year

ILikeLeadPaint: actually, apply to the affected area.

ToPiC 00: what

ILikeLeadPaint: and if the redness doesn't go down, consult your attorney general

ToPiC 00: these arent funny jokes

ILikeLeadPaint: she'll check your closet for little cuban boys

ILikeLeadPaint: Hey! I'm not your dancing monkey! I'm not here for your amusement!

ToPiC 00: that was funny

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm here for the cake, and a few whacks at the pinata party girl


ToPiC 00: how old are you

ILikeLeadPaint: You like monkeys eh? Yeah, you all like monkeys here on the net. Monkeys' aren't funny. Animals that fling their own feces... that's just down right pitiful.

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm old enough to be your brother

ILikeLeadPaint: but not old enough to be your mother, or your long lost aunt Sybil

ILikeLeadPaint: so don't ask

ToPiC 00: so your 102

ILikeLeadPaint: nope.

ILikeLeadPaint: I'm Ilikeleadpaint

ILikeLeadPaint: you can call me "Grand champion ass master 5000

ILikeLeadPaint: !"

ILikeLeadPaint: for short

ILikeLeadPaint: Or, I also answer to the name: "Snuggle bear"


ILikeLeadPaint: The name that strikes fear into the heart of millions

ILikeLeadPaint: ... Snuggle bear

ILikeLeadPaint: And schnookums

And that was the last thing said. She blocked me. A lesson learned in love.