A small collection of art and sketches that I (Justin Gall), have done over the years

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Group photo of most of my clay sculptures. From left to right moving back to front... "Deviled Ham", "Slimey", "Just some Guy with cool hair", Member of the "Hare club for men", "Funkenstein", and then a guy who I was going to make choking on a lamp. Clay and latex paint

An old drawing I did WAAAAAY back in HS. And just recently a character by the same name popped up in a really bad cartoon, drawn really badly. SO! Ce cera cera. (I drew it FIRST!) Pen and ink.... And then water color

A nice picture of a dinosaur who just made a sandwhich. If I'm not drawing ducks or pigs... I'm drawing dinosaurs. Ink and colored on the computer (Click Here to Buy a Mouse Pad With This Image)

Oh man do I like drawing ducks! And I wanted to draw another one for my webpage, but I couldn't think of what to have it do. So there you go. Enjoy! Ink and colored on the computer

It's a duck! A pretty basic sketch made just for the webpage. pen and watercolor

Banana's, an apple, and an onion... vine charcoal and pencil

Pinnouchio ball point pen

A picture of my old highschool history teacher I did of him, replacing his head with that of a pig. (old sketch) ball point pen

Me, half naked, lying, and drawing myself


This one's entitled "Walking The Baby" One of my personal favorites. Took a while to color it in, and edit it and everything... But I'm getting better with photoshop!

Pencil and photoshop

Hot Dog Man's another one of my favorites. Same thing as the other two to the left. Started out as a sketch, liked it, scanned it, and here it is.

Pencil and Photoshop

Aaaah a cute little bear I did. It was actually a sketch, B&W, I did in a sketchbook at the Seattle airport, coming home from visitng my girlfriend. And then I painstakenly colored it in photoshop. I'm thinking about posting the original

Pencil & Photoshop

(Above) Rough/Unfinished pencil sketch

Click On The duck to watch an animated gif of  it!

(Above) Unfinished pencil chicken Sketch

Misc. Charcoal Gesture Sketches


(ABOVE) This is what you get when you fidget when you pose for me.

A Must See...

The insane southern chicken farmer above, has yet to be finished. Haven't really decided what I want him to do. Drop me a suggestion if you've got any good ones. I originally wanted him flailing around a chicken, but it didn't look right. So for now, he has a really crappy, partial chicken drawn in, but expect more to be done with this later.

(I love drawing the Col'.)

Pencil and photoshop

Darth Fro. Check it out. He's a bad mammer-jammer-Jed type guy. Nice light sabre in his afro, and cool Dark-Side Rings. (the chick in the bed's saying "So it was true what they say about the light sabres of the dark side") Pencil

A Sheep! Pen, Ink, and colored pencil

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