Justin Gall's:

Thing's that have gotten me in trouble...
(or will)

This is just a collection of the most offensive things that I've done or wrote down or said (but not necessarily meant).  The stuff that people have told me were "wrong",  that were just "offensive", or maybe I "shouldn't have done".
I'm a sucker for off beat humor though, and sometimes I just have a "junior high" mentality.

Now I personally think this is a funny ad,  but for some reason I put this originally in my failed buisness ads section, and my mother freaked and told me it's just too "out there".
You decide.

Curse you Mrs. Mangold, and you damnable student teacher Ms. Whatsherface!
Junior High mentality?  HA!
Elementary if I do say so myself!

The "Leper-Chaun"
You wanted it,  you got it!!!

The reaction I got to this sketch when I showed this to my art teacher was basically what I was talking about with the Junior High mentality quip up top there.  I was told I stepped over the line of good taste with this one.  And that the world was turning away from violence.  And this was the work they'd expect from a Junior High student.  This is a sketch I did waaay back in tenth grade.  Around 1994, but I was short for work in my Advanced portfolio art class, so I turned this in as a sketch that I was going to do for a full blown art assignment  (basically bullshitting my way through a grade).  And I was told this was an idea and a drawing equevelent of a junior high student.  And then my teacher and the assistant teacher proceeded to rip on me for the next fifteen minutes.  Oy!  C'mon!
You tell me if this is all that bad!

Here we go people...

"The Last thing Peter Pan Saw!"

And this is the drawing I showed right after the Leper-Chaun drawing.  She just kind put her glasses on, started to grab it to look at it, and let go and said "Oh C'mon!" (and then I got the other half of "the talk") And this drawing and the reaction really pisses me off.  This drawing right here.  Because as of late I've seen variations of this cartoon done after I did it.  And I'm not saying I or they plagurized anyone here (I did mine FIRST DAMMIT!), but here's a violent cartoon that maybe you've seen The guy who's done Mother Goose and Grimm do a variation of.  (I've seen Mary Poppins get sucked in to a turbine, and someone else that escapes me)

And due to the recent information brought before me.  I will not publish "My Beliefs" the uncensored version.  The one that would probably get me fire bombed and I wasn't proud of anyway.  So that's a good thing.  Love Justin.  Don't hate him.

More to come.

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