It's GOOD! Says: I was abducted by aliens and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

(And an Anal Probe)

The back Says: "...And I'm only complaining about the T-shirt" Also features my logo on the very bottom. Buy one for Grandma!

My FAVORITE Shirt. Just a plain white shirt, with nipples on it.

Shirt Sez: "Guns don't kill people Bullets do"

My Take on the classic "ARMY" shirts floating around. (I'm selling it cheap, and it has my logo on the back. SO BUY IT!)

My favorite! "I'm with Stupid" (only the shirt's with stupid, see that's what makes it funny)


The back side. has an offer for free unagarb with proof of insanity! Awesome!

Justin Gall's Unabomber Cereal! "Go ahead open the box" Your daily source of nine minerals and explosive materials!

Sez: "Sorry, I Just Don't Like Your Pants" (Woman's Shirt Shown, also available for the dudes. Or buy that one if you like wearing women's clothing)

Snap, Crackle, Death

Nippled Tank Perfect for White Trash who are self conscious about their nipples

Shirt sez: Let's Make a Suicide Pact

You First, I'll Follow

Says: "Jesus Loves you. Except you Bob, he thinks you're a real asshole"

Great Gifts!

Chicken Drink Coaster

The ceramic alternative to putting your drink on a live chicken

Hypno-Duck Wall Clock!

Urine-iffic, Coffee Cup

Cup Says: "Coffee Just Tastes Better With Urine"

John Ng Mayo Sticker

Evil Duck Lunch Box!

Bumper Stickers

Toliet Teddy

Wears Like Chicken!

You know, maybe one of the guest stars on Gilligan's island would have rescued Gilligan, if he had an awesome hat like this one! Yes! Just a nice bucket hat with a stylin' chicken. (or vice versa)

Plain Chicken Baseball Cap.

I don't wear hats, but if I did... it'd be to cover my bald spot, AND! It'd be this hat. I like this hat a lot. Just a nice chicken on a hat. (the graphic looks like crap in this pic, but the actual image is real high quality.

Mouse Pads

EVIL-Duck Mouse Pad. 99% Evil, 1% disco. (my favorite mouse pad)

Not too shabby, as far as mice pads go. I like it. If I could afford to buy my own merchandise, I'd buy two, and another mouse. And I'd go two fisted solitaire playing. Yup!

I wish I needed a mouse pad, so I could buy this one. A very spiffy drawing by me, of a dinosaur making a sandwich.

Adopt a Toothless Person Clothing AND Accessories

(Haven't seen the page/program? Click Here)

A Nifty Gilligan style hat, with a lovely picture of our lovely model, Troy, in the center.

Finally, You can show your support for Toothless people, by buying the "Adopt a Toothless Person" T-shirt! As seen on my adopt a toothless person web page here.

The Back side of the Adopt a Toothless person. Bad picture, I know. But both sides have Troy's picture. And the back says "Please Give" in addition to what you can see clearly above.