Presented here exactly how it happened. With all the spelling and punctuation errors

DoctorTiffMD: hello justin

ILikeLeadPaint: hello doc

DoctorTiffMD: what can i do for u today

ILikeLeadPaint: well doc, I have a strange rash...

DoctorTiffMD: okay

DoctorTiffMD: where at

ILikeLeadPaint: what's strange about it is that it's on this big hairy dude that keeps kissing me

ILikeLeadPaint: do you think it's serious?

DoctorTiffMD: yeah

ILikeLeadPaint: he's not talking marriage, so it can't be that serious can it?

DoctorTiffMD: i think u only have two days to live

ILikeLeadPaint: only two huh? are you saying that so I'll give you my stamp collection?

DoctorTiffMD: yeah

ILikeLeadPaint: they're all still on the envelopes, just the way I found them in the mailbox

DoctorTiffMD: i want to be rich some day

DoctorTiffMD: lol

ILikeLeadPaint: upi

ILikeLeadPaint: you're a doctor

ILikeLeadPaint: what are you talking about

ILikeLeadPaint: you're rolling in the dough

ILikeLeadPaint: stop that, you look silly

DoctorTiffMD: well not really you see i like to smoke pot and it got a little out of hand so i have no more money and i was looking for a pore chump like u take take ur money

ILikeLeadPaint: I don't have any money

ILikeLeadPaint: I just have a spatula, and a dream

ILikeLeadPaint: the dream of one day, settling down, and marrying this spatula. And having little spats.

ILikeLeadPaint: oh, but I know it's only sexual. all the kitchen utensils I've loved, never loved me back

DoctorTiffMD: i know but u see my plane is to get u to loose your mind and then i will have u right all ur life saving over to me then i will have all the money i need to take over the world

ILikeLeadPaint: Well, if you want me to lose my mind. You should attach my keys to it

DoctorTiffMD: lol

DoctorTiffMD: r u there

ILikeLeadPaint: no

ILikeLeadPaint: I moved to my neighbors house

ILikeLeadPaint: I wanted to get away from all this

ILikeLeadPaint: everything

ILikeLeadPaint: just escape


And Then We Said Our Goodbyes...

...Which really wasn't that interesting.