Contest Rules: The contest is open to all residents of the continental U.S. who were born a woman and currently still are, who are also 18years of age (John loves women of all ages, but you got to be old enough to go clubbing with John) at time of entry and will be in within a 50 mile radius of the twin cities for the date to take place (John can only drive so far Ladies), and do not have a jealous boyfriend. The Justin Gall and all parties associated with this contest do not take responsibility for anything involved in the date, meaning: If the food or the driving is bad, don't blame me. There is no fees, taxes, or money involved in winning what so ever. The winner is only monitarily responsible for getting themselves dressed, John will pay for the rest.

The Grand Prize will be awarded to one lucky winner. The Grand prize consists of John picking you up where ever in the twin cities or surrounding communities, followed by dinner at a nice chinese resteraunt (John's Chinese, but locale can be changed if you're allergic to MSG, like me, upon request), and then dancing or a concert at a nice bar or club (some drinks optional, limited to whatever money John has at the time), and a ride home at the end of the night. Odds depend on all eligible entries recieved. If the winning contestant is unable to go out on a date with John Ng, not in town, or spontaneously combusts and unable to go with John, a new winner will be chosen.

Second prize will be awarded to one lucky winner. Again, odds depend on all eligible entries recieved. (please include your phone number to recieve the phone call)

Third prize consists of an autographed photo of the handsome John Ng, somewhere between 4x6, and 8x10, color or black and white (Depending on what's at hand). Framed or unframed, haven't decided yet. (Sorry!)

Winner agrees to have their name and or likeness to be used on the Justin Gall Home Page for future promotions or to rub it in the face of the losers. Justin Gall is also allowed to write run on sentences and make punctuation errors in the rules. The Justin Gall home page and affiliates, are in no way responsible for lost, misdirected e-mails, alien abductions, big foot sitings, or popularizing the macarena.

Any Questions? Send an e-mail to: