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As if you needed it!
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A web page shamlessly devoted to myself.  (ha!)  Inundating you with the sarcasm, humor and artwork of me,
Justin Gall

"Who is Justin?"
I ask myself that same question every day.  Who am I?  Then my mom slaps me and she says "I don't care who you are, but you better not go fruity!"
Hi, I'm Justin Gall!  Greeting and salutations and welcome to my little nook on the net.  My little haven of humor, my own little self generated 15 minutes of fame, and shameless self promotion.
    I'm a writer, a cartoonist, a professional guest book signer, but mostly an employee of the local Target Greatland here.  I live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and no more than two fish in each lake.  And yes currently Jesse Ventura has our state in an "Iron Claw".  As for what I have to say about it?  Well just like his pro-wrestling career, anything he attempts to do for the state won't be felt, or won't make an impact.
I'm trying to keep the first page here clean of graphics and what not, so there's humor here people!  Take a chance!  Click on one of my links here, and you'll be hooked.  The page ain't much now, but Me (Gall) darn it!  It will be!
Just remember it's all meant in fun.
-Justin Gall

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DRAWINGS!!! Uh, yeah.  Here's some drawings that I've done over the years.  Pending copywrites and all,  and selection (because people steal my freaking ideas!).  So  I'm working on scanning more, but I work BIG, and I have a small scanner. So...

See also "Not Right"  more drawings.

HEY!Take a look at some of my failed attempts at becoming an entrepeneur.  Yeah, have a laugh at my expense here.

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So Dangerous... It Hurts.  The Man behind the Comedy... Pictures of Justin Gall

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And coming soon! MORE!Writings, drawings, and much much more wrought from a whole lotta dateless nights   Including: Stuff, stuff, and nude pictures of celebrites!  And many more mad scribblings and ideas brought to you from the mind of Justin!

COME BACK SOON!  I'm working on updating this right as you read.

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